Skip Hire Myths — Should You Hire One

Skip Hire Myths- Should You Hire One?

Yes, you can definitely hire a skip for your household. Hold up and listen patiently, there are so many misconceptions related to the skip bins. People think that a skip is just a container that holds the waste of construction and demolition and it has no place in the household.

Well, let’s burst the Myths one by one and see whether they are useful for you or not.

Myth 1: Skips are Made for the Construction Areas:

If you believe this myth, you are misguided. Skips are generally used in construction areas but if you get one for your home, you will be able to diligently dump off all the waste in one place. A large container means a greater capacity. What is bad about discarding all the waste in one place than to make a lot of separate bags.

Myth 2: Skip hire is expensive:

Due to its usage in commercial areas, it is said that these are expensive. But the reality is the opposite. Throwing the garbage in the skip bins until they get filled is much better than taking the garbage out to dump quite frequently. It is the most lucrative approach to get the wastes dump. It saves time, energy, and costs. How about driving each time, carrying two to three bags, to get to the waste dump? Of course, Skip hire is absolute comfort.

Skip hire is a headache:

Myth 3: Skip Hire is a Headache:

Once you find the actual benefits of the skip hire, you will realize how stress-free this can be. The skip hire company takes the wastage when the container fills up. So, there is no rush to fill it up at a given time. You can take time filling it up. It also helps to make you frequently and completely clean your house.

The waste is taken for landfill:
Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

Myth 4: The waste is taken for landfill:

The skip hiring companies make sure that every skip dump is sorted by hand. They segregate every little item and look if the material can be recycled or not. Those which can be recycled are separated from those which cannot be. Therefore, the very little left is used for the landfill. This makes Skip bins eco-friendly and compatible.

Skip bins are aesthetically outdated:
Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

Myth 5: Skip bins are aesthetically outdated:

Firstly, the skip bins contain all the waste to make your house look beautiful and tidy. Therefore, this is not a valid point to make. Secondly, have you ever seen pink skips in Lancaster? They look so good. New skips are coming with new variations, colors, and styles, so, one should not worry about this.

Skip bins come in odd sizes:

Myth 6: Skip bins Come in Odd Sizes:

There is not a single standard size of skip bins. They come in a variety of sizes and dimensions and you can pick one according to your preferences and specifications. These can range from bins with a volume of 2 cubic yards to about 12 cubic yards.

Encapsulating this whole, you can definitely hire a skip for your household. It is the cheapest, efficient, and most eco-friendly disposing service one can avail of.

Skip Hire Altrincham

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